Installation and Setup

Epson printer Installation

Epson is known for Its high-end printing technology across the globe, they provide commercial and home used printing solution for a long time being a leading printer manufacturer. Epson printer has a versatile model of printer came up In inkjet and Laser-jet printers.

Installation of Epson printer Is quite easy, Epson printer always provides CD-ROM to make Installation process easy. But In case you do not have the CD it becomes problematic to Install printer.

If you are facing the same Issue, don’t take panic about the problem. An Epson printer support team of experts provides you quick assistance to setup and Install your printer. Just need to dial Epson printer customer service toll-free number or connect via chat. Get your problem solved quickly and more accurately.

Epson Printer Setup

The Printer Setup is a software which helps you to configure printers connected to your computer or the network. Any corporate office these days, are equipped with a series of printers. However, printer settings can be a problem. Won’t you love to go for shareware that can connect to any printer? You need a solution to save your precious time.

A printer setup utility is an application setup to access printers. There are many practical benefits with printer setup utility:

It helps to configure printers physically connected to the computer or via a network. Another significant advantage is that the tray settings in documents are not defended even when you:

  • Use a different printer.
  • Change the version of your Operating Software.
  • When you turn the variant of the printer driver.

Steps to download compatible version of printer driver, follow the steps.

  • Open the official website of Epson driver and Login.
  • Now click on the SUPPORT option.
  • Tap on the Button driver and download under support home.
  • In the appeared screen, enter your Epson printer show name.
  • Now select the model name and click on GO CATCH.
  • In the next appeared screen web page, you will get to see suggested downloads list. Click on the button that says SELECT AND DOWNLOAD CATCH

In case If you are facing any Issues during the Epson printer setup. The dial Epson Printer Setup, Support toll-free number for quick and reliable solution.

Wireless Printer Setup

A wireless print server is fundamentally a device that allows a printer to be experienced on a wireless network. Just to give you an idea of how this method works, let’s say you’re connected to the internet using WiFi (wireless internet ) and your printer is in the other room, This is where the handy dandy wireless printer server comes in

If the print server is installed and plugged into your router, You can then directly print something from your laptop and walk out to the next room and grab it out of the printer. A wireless printer server is also compatible with most printers and will allow access to printing, scanning, faxing, and copying.

Security is a significant benefit as your wireless data is encrypted on most print servers. If that’s not enough, these devices come with a user-friendly setup wizard for easy installation.

Epson Printer Issues

How to connect to a printer on my network?

Creating a shared printer on a LAN allows all users on the network print remotely without the need to have a printer directly attached to their PC or computer.

To start you need to allow sharing for the printer that is connected to one of the PCs. This is similar to the way to share files and folders.

  1. In Windows, click Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes.
  2. Right-click on the printer and select properties.
  3. Select the Sharing tab.
  4. Make sure “Share this printer” is selected and give the printer a name.
  5. Click the Additional Drivers button.
  6. Select the operating systems you want to support to use this shared printer and also select the other types of drivers needed for your other computer systems and devices, then click OK.
  7. When prompted, put the printer’s CD-ROM into the PC and install the relevant drivers for each operating system that you chose.
  8. Go to My Computer and share the CD ROM drive. This in case you are prompted when installing the printer on a remote PC.
  9. Windows finds those drivers and downloads them to the PC’s hard drive. Then, when you go to install the printer on your other computers, the PC which is sharing the printer automatically transfers the correct printer drivers and finishes the installation for you.

How to reset Epson Printer Setting?

The steps are given below to reset the Epson printer setting:

  • Switch on the printer.
  • Detach the power string on the back of the printer.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  • Press the # ¬†key and 3 simultaneously.
  • While holding, connect the power cord back to the printer.
  • After it switched on, it will be reset automatically.
  • Set your printer and done.


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