Epson Printer Printing Blank page

Epson printers are known for providing the best printing services all around the world. But, despite being the best in the business, Epson printers face some kinds of issues. That is why today we will talk about the “Epson printer printing blank page” error, what is it? & how we can solve that by using some of the easiest methods.

When you start getting blank pages after printing from your Epson printer, it’s called a Blank page error. Most of the time, low ink levels in your printer’s ink cartridge, incorrect print settings are responsible for this error on your Epson printer. That is why if you want to solve this blank page error on your Epson printer. Then, you will need to find out the main cause responsible for it first.

Epson printer is printing blank pagesWe have mentioned a few main factors & solutions for Epson printer printing blank pages error below. These factors and fixes will help you in finding out the main cause of blank page error on your Epson printer and solving it at the same time.

  • Firstly, you will have to check if your Epson printer is located on a stable & well-balanced surface. If not, then locate it in a stable place.
  • Check the ink levels in the ink cartridge of your printer. Re-fill it if ink levels are low.
  • Open the ink cartridge slot to check if it has any yellow tape on it, if it has, then, immediately remove it.
  • Check if the paper that you are using is supported by your Epson printer.
  • Check your Epson printer if it has any clogged nozzles by giving it a “print a nozzle check pattern” command. In this case, you can clean the print head of your printer to fix this issue.
  • Ensure that you have selected the correct paper size, direction, and format settings in your Epson printer before printing the document.
  • Always check your document if it’s not blank before printing. Use the print preview option, & Eliminate it from the printing queue if you find any blank document.

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Fixing Epson printer printing blank pages issue?

  1. Check the ink cartridges of your printer

You can check the ink cartridges of your printer in three conditions.

  • Firstly, If the ink levels of your Epson printer is low. Then, you can simply fix it by re-filling the ink cartridge of your Epson printer.
  • Second, when one of your ink cartridges is out of ink. Then, you can change it with another unused or filled cartridge. It will surely work for you.
  • Third, If the newly inserted ink cartridge is not evacuating the ink. Then you can simply remove the protective tapes from your cartridge for letting it evacuate the ink.

Note: don’t remove the cartridge tape from any sharp object. Because it could break or hole down your ink cartridge.

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  1. Clean the blocked up Nozzles & printhead of your printer

If your Epson printer is printing blank pages even after changing or refilling the ink cartridges. Then, you can simply check if it has any kind of clogging in its print head by commanding it to “print a nozzle check pattern”. Before starting it, you have to ensure if your printer’s LCD screen isn’t indicating any errors or faults.

  • You have to press the Home button on your Epson printer and choose the setup option. After that, you will be required to go to the “Maintenances” option.
  • Now, select the “Printhead Nozzle Check” option there.
  • After that, your printer will check it by printing a page & showing you the four shaded networks, and tell you about the nozzle that is blocked.
  • If you see any holes or a few blackout lines, Then, you will have to select the “Clean the printhead” option and choose the “proceed” option.
  • Don’t shut down or stop your Epson printer when it’s doing a cleaning cycle. Because it could harm the printer as well as the cleaning process.
  • If you see the problem not solving even after cleaning the print head. Then, you can contact Epson customer support for its fixes.

You can’t initiate the Printhead Cleaning Cycles continuously. Because an Epson printer requires the rest of a minimum of 6 hours after one print head cleaning cycle. Execution of this program over and over will aggravate your stop up and it will also use a ton of cartridge ink on your printer.

  1. Update your Printer’s driver

Epson printer needs updated drivers to work efficiently. If your installed driver is obsolete or wrong, then, it might cause you errors and issues. We recommend you to visit the Epson website’s support page from your computer & download your computer’s compatible drivers by selecting your computer’s operating system from the drop-down menu. Having an updated driver installed on your Epson printer will prevent you from facing many kinds of issues.

  1. Update the Firmware of your Printer

Blank page error on Epson printer

Sometimes, an un-updated firmware version also results in your Epson printer printing blank pages. When your Epson printer’s firmware is updated with the latest version, it starts to function smoothly. You can simply update the firmware from the Windows 10 computer by clicking on its “start” menu from its mouse and going to the “Epson software updater” option from it.

If you don’t have the Epson software updater utility installed on your Windows computer. Then:

  1. You can simply “download” it from the Epson website’s support page by choosing your Printer’s model from the list of all available Epson printer models.
  2. Now click on the checkbox button to choose your system updater.
  3. Click on the “Install” option.
  4. Now follow the instructions on your computer screen to update the firmware.
  5. Once it’s finished, you can simply press the “Finish” button.

Just like that, these four printer troubleshooting methods will simply solve the Epson printer printing blank pages issue. If these troubleshooting methods do not work for you. Then, you can contact us through our live chat option you see above. You can tell our experts about the exact problem you are facing and get the best solution for it within no time with full customer satisfaction.

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