Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable

We all know that printers are heavily dependent on the drivers to carry out all the printing tasks. But, what would happen if your Epson printer drivers stop working. We have an answer for you, your Epson printer will not be able to print anything & will simply give you a message ” Epson printer driver is unavailable”.

Now you might be thinking, why does your Epson printer give you a driver not available message?  The answer is when your Epson printer drivers get outdated or incompatible with the operating system of your computer. Then, it starts to give you a message called “Epson printer driver is unavailable“.

In this article, we will learn about some easy ways to fix the “Epson printer driver unavailable” error.  We all know that we have to regularly update our computers, printers so that they could work with the devices possessing the newest technologies. But, sometimes, when they do not update, their internal software gets corrupted or outdated. As a result, they get stuck and stop carrying out the functions.

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Fixing the Epson Printer Driver Is Unavailable error?

Most of the time, Our Epson printer gives us the “Driver unavailable” message if we use outdated Windows OS. The same issue could take place inside the printer driver also. Check out the causes & fixes of this issue below.

Install the latest windows updates 

Epson printer drivers not availableMany times, we ignore the latest windows updates that our windows computer recommends us & don’t update them. That is why Epson printer drivers become incompatible with it & start to give us the ” Epson printer drivers not available” error.

Windows updates may take more than 5-10 minutes to finish. But, you will see a few updated features once it’s updated on your computer. It could also resolve the ” Epson printer drivers is unavailable” issue.

Uninstall and Re-install Printer Drivers 

Check Cable Connections of your Epson printer

End out all the printing assignments you have given previously to your Epson printer from your PC. Check if your Epson printer is accurately connected to the power source as well as your PC. Now, turn both devices on. 

Run a Printer Troubleshooter 

Restart your Epson Printer

Sometimes restarting your computer and Epson printer also fixes the “Epson printer driver is not available” issue. A quick restart eliminates all the caches and cookies from both your computer and printer and eventually, resolves this issue within a minute or two.

Update Epson Printer Drivers 

Epson printer drivers not accessibleIf you haven’t allowed your computer to automatically install driver updates for your Epson printer. Then, you are more prone to face this “Epson printer driver is unavailable” issue. Because all updates are released for making the user’s experience smoother. You can simply allow your computer for installing computer and driver updates for the connected devices and follow the below-specified steps in meantime.

These were some of the basic tips and tricks that could help you in fixing Epson printer driver issues. In case you require expert assistance or Epson printer troubleshooting. Then, contact us via our live chat option you see above the page. We give you a surety that our highly skilled team will give you top-notch help for all your Epson printer-related issues.

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