Epson Printer Communication Error

Is your Epson printer not communicating with the computer? Is it giving you the ” Printer is not printing”, “printer is paused” messages? If yes, then, Don’t worry, We are here to guide you about how you can fix the Epson printer communication error easily. Epson Printer communication error takes place when your printer is not able to connect or communicate with other devices. For example computers, laptops, etc. In this issue, your printer could even reject to recognize or check the devices and documents placed in it.

Communication error on epson printer

It’s very frustrating for the users when their Epson printer is not communicating with any computer or laptop and often giving them many kinds of error messages. That is why they start to get blurry, blank print outs. In this case, you have to check the real reason behind this issue & fix it by using the methods we are going to mention below.

Types & Causes of Epson printer communication Error

Majorly, There are two types of Communication errors on Epson printer devices.

  1. When you don’t see the power light of your Epson printer turning on.
  2. Your Epson printer is not printing anything despite the turned on Power light

Each communication fault type has its own causes and fixes.

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Epson printer power light not turning on

Most of the time, Loosely or inappropriately connected power cables to the power source are the main reason behind the closure of the power light on your Epson printer. You can fix this issue through a few simple steps.

Sometimes, a faulty power outlet might also be responsible for the Epson printer power light not turning on. There, you have to check that power outlet by connecting other devices to it. If it has any fault other devices will also not work after connecting with it.

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Epson printer power light is on but not printing anything

Many times, Epson communication error occurrence stops the printer from printing anything that is commanded by its connected computer. In this case, the power light of your Epson printer turns on but it does not print anything. There could be multiple reasons responsible for this issue. We will talk about all the causes and fixes below.

Take the Setup instructions manual of your Epson printer & setup it again by connecting it with your computer device after following all the steps accurately.

In some cases, Epson printer users try to connect their printer to the computer with outdated interface USB cables. These cables cause communication problems when users try to print their documents. For fixing this issue, you have to use a compatible USB 1.1 interface cable or a USB 2.0 interface cable to connect your printer & computer with each other.

If the communication error on your Epson printer is occurring because of an inappropriate connection. Then, you have to check both ends of this cable before connecting it to the computer and printer accurately.

You have to make sure to check if your Epson printer is printing after commanding it to check its running operations through a “nozzle check pattern”. If you don’t get any print from it. Then it means your printer is broken and needs replacement or repair.

Go to your computer or laptop and minimize the size and resolution of the document you want to print from the Epson application software. It would be good if you increase the memory of your computer or a laptop.

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Fix Epson Printer Communication Error

  1. Rebooting System

  1. Reset the Epson printer

Simply reset your Epson printer, it will fix all the communication errors on it. You need to download the “Re-setter” button first. After that, you will need to press the “Reset” button on your printer. It will ask you to download and extract the files of “Resetter”. Once it’s done, you can easily reset your Epson printer.

  1. Checkout Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Uninstall & Reinstall Epson Printer Drivers

  1. Run Printer Troubleshooter

  1. Check Cable Connections

If despite all that, you are not able to fix the Epson communication error. Then, you can simply contact our Technical experts and take your solutions from them anytime through our live chat option.

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